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CBD Googel Ads

Stop getting your accounts shut down and get $1 leads from Social all day long.

We help you determine your most profitable niche and a message that lights that niche up like a Christmas tree using our propitiatory foundational copy writing techniques and asset building strategies. We will help you find the right demographic and and collect your own data to nurture into sales. (Increase ROI Playbook strategy)

Get Influencers in your local area/niche to create content for YOU and increase your Brands Trust Instantly.

The biggest kept secret in cannabis and especially CBD is getting content for your brand to increase trust and to increase the probability for a new customer to try your product through social trust. We are able to help find, pinpoint, and hire influencers in your area and attract them to your business vs dealing with influencers with big ego’s and HUGE PRICE TAGS. Stop paying for BS and start building your influencer strategy across (IG, Tik Tok, Snap Chat, FB).

Influencer Content Creation

Learn how to build, grow, & scale a Canna/CBD Brand in 12 months and be scaling in year 2. Learn how to get involved and get your piece of the "green pie"

Client Case Study

Drive RESULTS rapidly with a proven process.

Everyone’s results will be different, anyone guaranteeing anything is lying to you. However if you follow our step-by-step process we have done across over 50+ clients over the past 2 years, you will be off to the right start and increase a solid compliant revenue stream for your business. ┬áRely on a proven process.

Some of the Brands we have worked with

Proven Strategies to launch your Canna Business

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Customers reviews

Matt Swilley
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Man, where to Start, Sumeet is the man, this guy really cared about our success and helped us from the most elementary questions to really tapping into high level canna data for our Hemp brand. We have been able to scale month after the month and get a grasp on our #'s across the board. If you can work with Canna Playbook do so! It will save you a ton of time and you will get "white glove" service every step of the way!
Andrew Mandella
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Every Idea I had was something I was able to understand how to execute so much better with the frameworks Canna Playbook provided me. I know its hard to get a canna brand going online, trust me we tried everything my partner and I, but after we met Canna Playbook our issues of getting traffic were of the past, the real game is in the content & building real brands, thats where the fun is!
Sable Martin
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I had a dream to make a healthy calming product for pet owners but honestly didnt know where to start. I probably wasted over $2-5k just testing and trying what everyone out there is saying. I heard about Canna Playbook though a CBD Facebook Group and followed up and got inside the incubator and I could not have been ore thankful for the guidance and helping me build my dream brand in the space!
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