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How to STOP allowing Weedmaps, Leafly, Spring Big and the other Evil Canna companies from stealing your consumer data, and taking back control, by understanding your ROI on your Advertising dollars and be able to follow up with your database to increase the Life time value of a customer for your shop.

Written And Presented By Sumeet Harish (co-Founder, Canna Playbook Inc.)

CBD Googel Ads

Get Patients and Understand their behaviors through tags & data intelligence

It is not enough to just get orders everyday. So many dispensaries/deliveries leave money on the table and do not get the ROI out of all the effort they spent drumming up sales. Learn how to access your data and be able to communicate directly with the right message to the right customer/patient.

A little spend goes a long way if you have a Data collection strategy. The MONEY is in the FOLLOW-UP.‚Äč

In this campaign we spent $203.08, got 90 people into your dispensaries digital wall garden and paid $2.26 on average for someone in our target/geo-fenced area to take action and provide us their Name, Email, Phone and their preferences so we can utilize this data and follow-up through data-intelligence and knowing more about our customer to craft the right irrisistable offer on a daily basis that is relevant to that customer/patient.

Cannabis Business Ads
Use a proven template trusted by CMO’s in the Cannabis Space.

We help you determine your most profitable niche and a message that lights that niche up like a Christmas tree using our propitiatory foundational system, process, copy writing techniques and asset building strategies. Stop guessing, start scaling.

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Tired of solutions that get no to little results?

No long term contracts at all. Try us for a month, if you don’t see the difference, worst case, export all your data and at least you got emails, phone #’s and cannabis leads in the hundreds, or increase your sales, get insight into your consumers base and start increasing your monthly revenue exponentially.

Cannabis Testing
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